Friday 8 March 2024

Alberto Mesiano

Donna il mondo nelle tue mani


F Lounge Cafè & Restaurant
Via Bonvesin de la Riva, 9, 20129 Milano MI

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we invite you to the personal exhibition of maestro Alberto Masiano, promoted by the Association INSIEME CON MERITO and FIDIPA BPW Italy – Mediolanum Section

Opening and presentation: Rachele Capristo, President of the Insieme con Merito Association and Honorary Member of Fidipa BPW Italy – Mediolanum Section

Greetings: Giovanna Greco, President of Fidipa BPW Italy – Mediolanum Section

By Margot Andrioni

The exhibition will remain visible until April 4th, from 7.00 to 22.00


Alberto Mesiano

The art psychologist
Paintings to read, art that ignites the conscience