Interior Designer

Adriana De Simone

Expert interior designer and landscape architect with a global vision

Adriana De Simone is an Italian interior designer and landscape architect with an established career in creating surprising and welcoming environments. After moving to London six years ago, she brought with her over 17 years of industry experience, expertly combining Italian aesthetics with the cosmopolitan influences of the city of London.

With a 12-year professional background in an important Italian company specialized in the production of interior furniture, Adriana has acquired vast expertise in the design of environments for apartments, shops and hotels, as well as in the design of green spaces, parks and gardens. His work has ranged from promoting existing projects to finding new real estate opportunities in London for Italian clients.

One of her flagship projects was the creation of a luxury apartment in Chelsea Embankment Gardens, where Adriana personally oversaw the identification of the property, the management of the works and the obtaining of all the necessary permits. Additionally, he oversaw the creation of a garden house in Wimbledon, demonstrating his ability to harmoniously integrate external spaces with internal architecture.

What distinguishes Adriana’s work is her in-depth understanding of the design process, which ranges from managing paperwork and permits to the final delivery of the home to its owners. Thanks to his vast experience, he is able to guide his clients through every phase of the project, offering expert advice in selecting the most suitable materials and plants for each context. His passion for landscape is reflected in every detail of his projects, creating spaces that not only satisfy clients’ practical needs, but also their desire for beauty and harmony.

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