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Bruno Biondi

Bruno Biondi was born in Milan on June 20, 1969. With a father working in advertising, he grew up surrounded by the world of communication and design. His passion for drawing, evident from a very young age, led him to publish his first series of 12 illustrations for Polistil at the age of 8, in the volume “Let’s Choose a Toy Together.” By the age of 14, he already had several illustrations in his portfolio for clients such as Renault, Philips, and various pharmaceutical companies. He studied at the Beato Angelico Institute of Art in Milan, where he graduated as a Master of Art, while also maintaining collaborations with advertising agencies. In 1989, he enrolled at the Polytechnic University of Architecture in Milan, specializing in Industrial Design, and at the age of 19, he began working as a Graphic Designer at Syncronia. Thus began his career as an advertising creative, eventually rising to the position of Creative Director, a role he retained after the merger of Syncronia with the International Agency DDB in 2001.

Throughout the years, Biondi kept his passion for drawing and art alive. Transitioning from figurative to informal genres, he realized that color wasn’t essential in his works, yet despite being color blind, he couldn’t detach himself from it. In 1992, he created a series of 3 large-format works where color, along with textural elements, still dominated the canvas. These were his first commissioned works. In November 1994, a major corrugated cardboard producer noticed his creations displayed in an advertising agency and commissioned Biondi to create 20 works using their materials. This marked the beginning of his black-and-white works. The same entrepreneur commissioned another 21 works in 1995, all to be made with corrugated cardboard. These pieces saw Biondi focusing not only on the use of this special material but also on carving his own marks into it. Over the years, color sporadically returned, albeit in pure form, devoid of shades, giving life to monochromatic canvases in red, white, yellow, or blue.

In the evolution of his artistic journey, color assumed a supporting role for Biondi, mixed, distorted, and nullified by the fusion with black, only to reappear in traces, nuances, as a buried memory and an insuppressible yearning. He favored large formats where his signature, what Biondi termed “Vertical Concept,” could assert itself limitlessly, even in those rare instances where it became horizontal (“Vertical Concept even if Horizontal”). Over the years, Biondi exhibited in several group shows in Rome and Tarquinia. In June 2015, selected among numerous international artists, he exhibited in a group show from June 23 to July 7 in Warsaw, the WIA EXPO. Two of Biondi’s works from that event were later displayed in the Rome showroom of a renowned architect upon their return to Italy. In May 2016, he held a solo exhibition in Rome, showcasing around thirty of his works. The exhibition was successful, with the curator, also his critic, retaining some of his creations in Rome for use in architects’ and decorators’ installations.

In 2016, Biondi’s encounter with curator and critic Massimiliano Bisazza immediately recognized the value and depth of Biondi’s works. Mutual respect and artistic affinity led to the staging of a solo exhibition in January 2017 at the gallery in via Statuto13. This intimate and refined space in the intellectual heart of Milan’s Brera District provided the ideal setting for Biondi’s works, with their crisp and vibrant language. The exhibition received both public and critical acclaim, strengthening Biondi’s artistic relationship with Bisazza and leading to another solo exhibition in January 2018, once again at the gallery in via Statuto13. Titled “Re-Seeing,” the exhibition presented 13 new works celebrating the artist’s unique chromatic sensitivity, despite being color blind from birth. The title expressed the author’s journey of reinterpretation and manifestation of colors according to his personal perception, continuously projected into an undefined world of present-absent hues.

Following this significant event, Biondi participated in the Affordable Art Fair (AAF 2018) in Milan, where prominent names and emerging talents from the international art scene were welcomed in over 80 galleries in a single exhibition space. In January 2019, Biondi returned to the Affordable Art Fair, this time with his own dedicated 12-square-meter stand named “Vertical Concepts.” Alongside this achievement, the year began with a series of projects and initiatives curated by Massimiliano Bisazza, further affirming their collaboration’s richness in stimuli and successes. This included a solo exhibition in May and an exhibition in a prestigious setting: 10 windows overlooking Foro Bonaparte, provided by the Elite Clinic. This image project also involved the study and printing of a 100-copy catalog. In January 2019, thanks to Bisazza’s collaboration, Biondi staged a solo exhibition in the former Church of San Celso in Milan, a place that historically evokes prayer and contemplation but now, deconsecrated, welcomes this artistic exhibition intimately linked to spirituality, both of the artist and the viewers.

The solo exhibition titled “The Ten Worlds” featured 10 works exclusively in black and white, representing the foundations of Bruno Biondi’s artistic poetics. Organized with the patronage of the Municipality One of Milan, the City of Milan, and the lartquotidien foundation of the Diocese of Milan, this exhibition was a testament to Biondi’s dedication to exploring the nuances of his craft. Also in 2019, Biondi exhibited three black-and-white works in a collective art exhibition on creative nature and the exploration of artists interpreting it through their unique sensitivities. Held in the Manzù Hall of the Province Palace in Bergamo, an international events space, the collective exhibition was organized with the patronage of the Province of Bergamo and the City of Bergamo.

Since 2019, Biondi decided to focus exclusively on creating his works, channeling all his attention into the evolution of his artistic poetics, with plans to resume organizing solo exhibitions or participating in collectives in the future. However, the onset of the Covid pandemic and a series of unfortunate health events forced Biondi to take an unexpected hiatus just as he felt ready to showcase the intimate evolution of his “Vertical Concepts.”


Creativi per natura

Collective exhibition at the Provincial Palace of Bergamo – Sala Manzù


I Dieci Mondi

Personal at the San Celso Space – Corso Italia Milan


Presente con 11 opere presso élite Odontoiatrica

Foro Buonaparte – Milano


Affordable Art Fair Milano – IX Edizione

International Art Fair


Affordable Art Fair Milano – VIII Edizione

International Art Fair – Statuto13 Gallery

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1994 – Group exhibition at thè Gallery “Il Collezionista” International Exhibition “Art New 2000” by Roberto Giuliani Tarquinia – Rome.
2015 – Group exhibition at thè WIA Expo – Galleries DAPi – DAP2 of thè OWZPAP – Warsaw – “Vertical concepts” by Pamela Cento.
2016 – Solo exhibition at thè Caffè Letterario Galleiy – Rome “Vertical Concepts” by Pamela Cento.
2016 – Participation in thè Art Award – IV Edition – Caffè Letterario Gallery – Rome – “Concetti Verticali” by Pamela Cento.
2017 – Solo exhibition at thè Gallery Statutoi3 – Brera District Milan – “The vertical rooms” by Massimiliano Bisazza.
2018 – Solo exhibition at thè Gallery Statutoi3 – Brera District Milan – “Re-seeing” by Massimiliano Bisazza.
2018 -Affordable Art Fair Milan – Vili Edition – International Art Fair – Gallery Statutoi3 – by Massimiliano Bisazza.
2019 – Affordable Art Fair Milan – IX Edition – International Art Fair – by Massimiliano Bisazza.
2019 – Present with 11 artworks at Odontoiatrie élite – Foro Buonaparte st. – Milan – by Massimiliano Bisazza.
2019 – At thè auction in Aprii 2019.
2019 – Solo exhibition at San Celso Space – Corso Italia st. Milan – “Ten Worlds” by Massimiliano Bisazza – With thè Patronage of thè Municipio Uno – Municipality of Milan – In collaboration with thè Cultural Association lartoquotidien.
2019 – Group exhibition at thè Palace of thè Province of Bergamo – Sala Manzù – “Creatives by nature” – Organized by Spazioporpora Gallery & The Lantern of Art – By Rita Caracausi, Alessio Girella, Andrea Colombo. With thè patronage of thè Province of Bergamo and thè Municipality of Bergamo.

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