Angelo Caroli

Emotions Collection

Emozioni Collection

The concept

The new concept of LIQUID BEAUTY capable of giving the body charm and harmony thanks to the precious fragrances composed of natural ingredients.

The Bottle

The crystal glass bottle is embellished with a pure zamak label engraved with logo and title, as is the heavy cap, signature of the brand’s perfume collections.

The Box

A folding box, made with black-black leather effect paper, with text printed in hot gold and gold galvanic zamak label with engraved ANGELO CAROLI logo.



TOP: Bergamot, Orange, Anise

HEART: Gardenia, Malt, Jasmine Absolute

BOTTOM: White musk, sugar, vanilla


Sette agrumi

TOP: Mandarin, Petitgrain, Lemon, Orange

HEART: Lilac, Ylang ylang, Water jasmine

BOTTOM: Cedar, Patchouli, Amber


Magnifico Patchouli

TOP: Petit grain, Patchouli leaves, Labdanum cysts

HEART: Copahu balm, cloves, cinnamon

BOTTOM: Patchouli, Guaiac, Amber


Amore Nero

TOP: Cyclamen, Pink, Violet

HEART: Lavender, Ylang ylang, Jasmine

BOTTOM: Vanilla, Guaiac, Sandalwood



TOP: Iris, Lemon, Lilac

HEART: Turkish Rose, Ylang ylang, Gerano

BOTTOM: Ebony, Amber, Malt


Tuberosa Nera

TOP: Pesca, Lampone, Fiore d’arancia

HEART: Tuberosa, Cocco, Gerano

BOTTOM: Vaniglia, Vetiver, Fava Tonka


Liquirizia Nera

TOP: Anise, Mint, Eucalyptus

HEART: Licorice, Carnation, White flowers

BOTTOM: Cedar, Vetriver, Guaiac


Angelo Caroli

In 1993 Angelo Caroli developed a new idea of ​​sport by creating a company specialized in the fitness sector, and above all in the management of a high quality service in home personal training. In 1997 he created Fitness Corporate and opened his first club in Milan, located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city with a selected high profile clientele. Since 2000 it has opened new fitness centers, among the most prestigious hotels in the world, true jewels of the company, until 2010 when it launched its own line of cosmetics. To date there are seven collections that bear his signature.
Creating a shop dedicated to well-being is Angelo Caroli’s new challenge which is now becoming reality.

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