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Guido Rocca

Poetry was my first true friend, and thanks to it, I could communicate sincerely, despite being rather insecure. As I grew up, I continued to write; it was a genuine necessity, a therapeutic art that allowed me to express and transform even the deepest and most hidden anxieties. At eighteen, I left home and began traveling and working abroad. By twenty, I was on a sailboat crossing the Atlantic Ocean. For years, I didn’t stop; I lived and explored much of South America before moving to Asia, where I spent a year between India and Nepal, living most of the time in Kathmandu. In Asia, I received many stimuli and inspirations, and began asking myself questions that led me to the Himalayas. The experience in the mountains, immersed in nature, was a significant step towards myself, also thanks to encounters with monks. After Asia, I went to Africa with the aim of helping to build a school, which was the final turning point to broaden my consciousness. At twenty-five, after travels, loves, and adventures, I was so full of life and experiences that I was overwhelmed by an incredible creative flow. During that time, internal barriers that had blocked my inspiration collapsed, and it was during those days that I began to paint. Life itself was my university, and I was finally “graduating,” it was time to express myself and create. However, at twenty-seven, I realized I was drifting. I had been abusing alcohol and drugs for twelve years, and despite wanting to quit, I realized I had become addicted. I decided to seek help and went to a psychiatric clinic where I found no solutions except for other legal drugs. I continued to search and found a community with a natural and educational method; in five months, I solved my problem and emerged victorious. Without drugs clouding my mind, my creativity continued to increase, and I began to paint more naturally, without thought, simply following inspiration. Now, at thirty-nine years old, with a wonderful eight-year-old son, I realize that art has literally saved my life: despite being full of masks and lies, while creating, I always managed to bring out myself and keep my true self alive. Creativity was like the breath on the flame; it arrived punctually, preventing me from extinguishing and dying. Now, creating is what allows me to feel satisfaction, it makes me feel alive and myself, as I consider art a form of spiritual communication. With my works, I seek to transmit the universe of the soul into the material world. Art has always had an alchemical function for me: to transform the lead within me into gold. My hope is that this transformation also occurs in those who communicate with my paintings and poems.

My goal is to create sensations free from fixed patterns in those who observe and communicate with the paintings. I want each person’s diversity and need to freely grasp what they want within themselves and be satisfied by the interaction with the work. I always hope that the observer and perceiver also become the artist, creating their own transformation within themselves.


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