Interior design

Sergio Villa

Life is not black or white but a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched giving rise to new creative shapes and ideas

Sergio Villa is the founder and soul of Mobilitaly. The company, which operates at the highest international levels, produces an assortment of collections and unique pieces, transmitting cultural traditions and contemporary taste. A “tailor-made furniture” atelier based on seductive eccentricity, created through the continuous research of artistic design, sophisticated artisanal procedures and high quality decoration standards revitalized thanks to the continuous research and innovation of the techniques to be made available to the creative ability of Carlo Rampazzi. Creativity is the strong point of Sergio Villa Mobilitaly’s activity which is inspired by a series of essential values, among which color is an important element: through the combination and juxtaposition of colors, new shapes and ideas are generated . The creation of unique and timeless pieces is the point of convergence of sensitivity, taste, intuition, preview of styles, shapes and fashion. All this is combined with refined attention to detail and precise production. The company is constantly evolving: commitment, discipline, perseverance and determination push the company to never back down and to always be oriented towards the cutting edge. Sergio Villa Mobilitaly products are unique, exclusive, often provocative; they are works of art that create an exclusive environment, reflecting the customer’s personality.

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