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Alberto Mesiano

Paintings to read, art that ignites the conscience

Alberto Mesiano was born and lives in Milan. Painter with a contemporary feeling. As a child he showed a shy and introverted character with great difficulty communicating his emotions verbally. This led him to start painting right away, taking his first steps into the world of art. He practices both painting and sculpture, later preferring oil painting. For him, painting was a sort of internal haven. Painting, for Mesiano, becomes the means through which to represent and highlight the suffering, disturbances and discomfort of today’s society, never forgetting the historical events that have marked the contemporary era. Furthermore, he always shows great sensitivity in his approach to the topics covered. He presents the works where he portrays all the suffering of our times. He loves to define his works as “paintings to read” and every work has a story, every story has its colors, every color has a meaning where nothing comes by chance. But it is the color he uses on the canvas that restores hope. He manages to transform color into feelings: not always sweet and welcoming, at times they will be raw and strong, but always sincere. A strong historical-social connotation leads him to delve not only into issues related to love, but also into highly topical topics such as immigration, racism, wars and finally the most heartfelt one, that linked to violence against women and femicide. Among the many works of the master, the project of the traveling bench stands out, a sculpture-work that is crossing the borders of all nations, collecting signatures of solidarity and support for the fight against violence against women. Art has always been his passion, and he has never submitted to the laws of the market. Do some projects with schools. Participates in various collective and personal exhibitions, national and international. Part of his works belong to public and private collections.
He is defined by critics as an internationally renowned Master of Art, dedicated to social issues. His works and the themes he touched on are appreciated all over the world. It is not for nothing that his works are present and have been exhibited in many museums and important locations around the world, with notable recognition.


Panchina Itinerante – Art against violence

In London, his social project “Itinerant Bench – Art against violence” is presented and the video made with photos taken at the “Itinerant Bench” event in Piazza Duomo-Milan, in December. At the same time as the SpazioGallery London, the “International Cultural exchange of art – Saloon premier” exhibition, on the occasion of the world day against violence against women, with his works on the topic.


100 passi alla luce del sole

The work becomes the cover of the 2019/2020 school diary of the schools of Mediglia (MI); the work “He will be my mother” becomes a manifesto against homophobia; in Paris, at the Louvre Museum, at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition, awarded with a medal for the painting “Mission” and launch of the book “Paintings with the heart – Alberto Mesiano recounts the 21st century” written about him and his his works”; in Milan at the Hilton Hotel Personal exhibition, charity dinner and auction of one of his paintings donated to raise funds for sick children (Hospital in Greece) organized by the Greek Embassy and Consulate and SOS Children’s Villages; in Milan/Piazza Duomo the event against violence against women: “Art against violence – Itinerant bench”, a social project to raise people’s awareness and give their solidarity and moral contribution.​


Award 2018

At the Media Star arena (Castello di Belgioioso/PV) – Winner of the First Prize in the Art category; Guest of the program Pomeriggio 216 (Sei la Tv-Bergamo) talking about his paintings on the occasion of the World Day against Violence against Women; In Rome he was awarded the Award of Merit in Art by the Academy of Poetry and Contemporary Art, in Paris present at the Louvre Museum – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, in Oslo at the Brazilian Embassy awarded with a gold medal in the week cultural Brazil/Norway, present at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, at the House of Rights of the Municipality of Milan, at the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, receives both the European Art Excellence Award for having valorised Italian art and creativity in Europe, and a plaque of honour/recognition from the Municipality of Pantigliate (MI) for the work carried out and the social issues addressed.


Silver trophy Dionysian Apollo

In Rome,  he won the silver Apollo Dionysian trophy, from the International Academy of Poetry and Contemporary Art. At the Quirinale Theatre, he exhibited together with the children of Amatrice, donating one of his paintings to the Municipality of Amatrice/Rieti. In Oslo, trophy for “The best of the saloon” in the Brazil/Norway cultural week at the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo. In Paris, at the Louvre Museum, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, awarded the medal in the Modern Art category. In Mediglia (MI), the municipality dedicated an evening to his works, with the event entitled “A rose for you”, on the occasion of the World Day against violence against women, where his paintings were present in the hall/theater, and for each painting (which depicted a woman victim of femicide) there was a classical dance. In Genoa, at the Palazzo Ducale, he held a two-person exhibition entitled Colors and Emotions, in conjunction with the Modigliani Exhibition. In Milan, International Art Award Milan 2017 for the significant stylistic commitment shown. On the canals where La Via degli Artisti – Art Review is held, he managed to bring together 213 artists for the creation of a single canvas, where he was rewarded for his creative ingenuity.


Pre-launch of a new exclusive line of Mag Berry products

In Brasile, partecipa al pre-lancio di una nuova linea esclusiva di prodotti Mag Berry  (azienda di cosmetici brasiliana) con 3 delle sue opere che danno l’immagine e il nome ad altrettante essenze per questo lancio esclusivo.  È stato in mostra a Rio de Janeiro (Olimpiadi dell’Arte) in occasione alle Olimpiade, insieme alle opere di José Dali e Dario Fo. A Roma è stato insignito dell’Alto riconoscimento al merito in Arte dall’Accademia di Poesia e Arte Contemporanea. A Cernusco sul Naviglio, mostra personale a Villa Greppi (sede del Comune) in occasione della settimana contro la violenza sulle donne.


Expo in the city

In Milan, present at EXPO 2015. In the parallel event “Expo in Città”, he participates in the Art Exhibition – Naviglio di Milano (La via degli artists). In Rome he was awarded the High Award of Merit in Art by the Academy of Poetry and Contemporary Art.

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