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Carlo Busetti

Carlo Busetti was born in Cles (Tn) in 1964. An engineer by profession, he designs buildings and wooden constructions, but has always been creative, he creates works of great value in which he combines artistic expression and technology.
His passion for art led him from the monochromatic drawings of the 80s and 90s to the more recent “digital painting”, obtaining acclaim and considerations from critics.
These are real digital paintings created with one of the most innovative contemporary techniques, while having their roots in manual skill and tradition. In fact, this type of work was created solely on the iPad tablet, which Busetti uses as a virtual palette on which he draws directly with his fingers, tracing the imaginative geometries which are then printed on various supports, from aluminum plates to those in backlit polycarbonate, thus giving life and light to the finished work.
Even the inspiration has echoes coming from tradition: they are forms that continually break down and recompose in volumes and colors that recall the most abstract Cubism, the dreamlike images of Mirò, and the “doodles” of Kandinsky and Klee; for this reason, given the strong tendency towards abstraction and dreams, we can speak of “Digital Surrealism”. It is a very personal reworking made possible by a great manufacturing technique resulting from a particular manual sensitivity.
The works are then reproduced on different supports (aluminium, glass, plexiglass, ceramic, fabrics and leather) giving life to the finished work.
Since 2018, Busetti has been part of ADAC-MART, Archive of Contemporary Artists of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto.
Present in the modern art catalog CAM55 (Editorial Giorgio Mondadori – Cairo Group).
Since 2020 present in a showroom in via Monte Napoleone as a representative of digital painting among the Italian excellences.
Busetti exhibits in personal and collective exhibitions and his digital works are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


PROJECT THE SIGN ceramic designer radiator display personalized with artistic graphics to celebrate the victory of Napoli’s 3rd scudetto

SSC Napoli training camp at Sport Hotel – Dimaro (TN)


Point to Head – Medina Art Gallery

Rome – edited by Loredana Trestin assisted by Maria Cristina Bianchi, created by the ARconTE Association, organization of Divulgarti


XIII Florence biennial – Canaviglia pavilion Fortezza da Basso

Florence – Special concept curated by Fortunato D’Amico entitled «Eternal Feminine Eternal Change». Presentation of the work “stages of a woman” created by four hands. Digital art by Carlo Busetti, visual effects animation by Stefano Benedetti.


Genova Design Week

Exhibition of designer radiators with integrated digital work “Traffic city” limited edition at the CAD exhibition space – Palazzo Saluzzo – Genoa


Confini – Galleria Cael

Contemporary Art Exhibition | Divulgarti – Milan

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