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Carlo Piterà

His method emphasizes painting techniques of the Renaissance Masters with quotes from historical Surrealism.

Born in Belcastro (CZ) on 16 January 1955, Carlo Pierà has lived in Genoa since 1956. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture which he abandoned to dedicate himself completely to painting. His early artistic vocation dates back to childhood, leading him particularly to an interest in painting and to visiting the most important Genoese art galleries to study the works of the ancient masters.

Self-taught, he continues continuous research and development of ideas which will lead him to consider Surrealism as a primary fact. He is interested in human anatomy, the laws of color, architectural drawing, thus combining creativity and emotion with a solid background of research and formal experience.

He participates by invitation in important national collective exhibitions, achieving success and winning important prizes. In 1976 he began a more direct relationship with the public; presents his first solo exhibition. Franca Bissoni wrote about him on that occasion “…. the creation makes use of a technical ability undoubtedly superior to the age of the artist, who seems to have profitably assimilated the lesson of historical Surrealism”.

Continuing to paint he felt the need for constant verification and continuous technical and expressive revision. Consequently, exposures are suspended for some time, resulting in an extremely useful and productive isolation.

In 1978 and 1979 he resumed his public activity, and there are those who observe that his is a “test of strength aimed at summarizing the multiple projections of imaginative truth”.

In 1986 Pietro Annigoni, appreciating “his disturbing fantasies and the direct way of highlighting them”, encouraged him to deepen realistic research in his works, and the art critic Vitaliano Rocchiero defined him as “the absolute master of unreality in reality”.

Also in 1986 he met the Verona art dealer Giorgio Ghelfi who offered him the opportunity to exhibit in his galleries in Verona and Montecatini Terme, publishing a monograph for the occasion with a critical presentation by Enzo Fabiani.

In the following years his pictorial research turned to the in-depth study of the Masters of the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, his most recent production denotes a conceptual and stylistic elaboration of a neo-manneristic and quotational nature without neglecting, moreover, the invention and phenomenal peculiarities of historical Surrealism.


Astrolabio e segni zodiacali of Carlo Piterà

Villa Serra of Comago, S. Olcese, Genoa


I tarocchi piu’ grandi del mondo of Carlo Piterà

Villa Serra di Comago, S. Olcese, Genoa


Musica in strada

Palazzo Tursi, Genoa


Arte sacra

Church of San Domenico, Alba


Pubblicità progresso

Sea Museum, Imperia

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Arte sacra


Musica in strada

Pubblicità progresso



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