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Danilo Lanini

Danilo Lanini was born in Genoa on 4 January 1968. From an early age he revealed a talent for drawing and painting. As a teenager, in parallel with his technical studies as a surveyor, he approached the world of graphics and in particular comics, participating in various exhibitions and winning various prizes.

It was precisely following these experiences that he frequented the great Genoese Bonelli cartoonist, Renzo Calegari, of international fame. Having completed his technical studies (Diploma in Surveyor and Laura in Prevention Techniques), Lanini moved ever closer to painting and in particular to the hyperrealistic genre applied to landscapes and, after a long apprenticeship, in 1999 he moved on to exhibitions in Art Galleries in solo and group exhibitions that follow one another constantly and is advertised on television at a European level by the Merighi Gallery (Varazze). During his pictorial activity he was included in important contemporary art books and magazines (dictionary of Ligurian artists edited by Prof. Germano Beringheli, Boè, I Grandi Maestri – art diffusion center – Palermo, etc.).

In February 2014 he participated (invited) at the Verona Biennale presented by the art critic prof.

Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2017 the painter was struck by a very rare neurodegenerative disease of genetic-family origin (ataxia) which creates serious motor difficulties in walking, balance but also in the coordination of the upper limbs and fine psychomotor skills.

In these conditions, painting a detailed and meticulous genre such as hyperrealism has become very difficult for the painter. But Lanini continued to do so.

In 2020 he held a solo exhibition at the Galleria Il Crocicchio (Genoa – Campomorone) with the promotion of his biographical book of his 30 years of artistic activity for a fundraiser intended for AISA odv (non-profit association for the fight against ataxias) in favor of of scientific research. In 2021 he created a calendar with photos of his paintings with the same purposes.

In 2023 he held a solo exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa – Divulgarti exhibition space curated by Loredana Trestin – with the patronage of AISA odv. On September 20, 2023, in Rome, the painter personally delivered the painting “Divine Light” dedicated to him in the name of AISA odv to the Holy Father Pope Francis. In 2024 he held a solo exhibition at the Palazzo dei Rolli Saluzzo (Genoa) – Divulgarti CAD space curated by Loredana Trestin – again with the patronage of Aisa odv.

Lanini says: “A pictorial genre like mine, which borders on photographic perfection, becomes very difficult in these conditions… but for now, with great effort, the pictorial passion is stronger than the disease itself and I can still paint the my paintings without major differences compared to the past. I don’t know for how much longer, as the disease will inevitably progress over time. As long as I can I will paint”


Personal exhibition

Palazzo dei Rolli Saluzzo (disclose CAD)


Delivery of the “Divine Light” painting to the Holy Father Pope Francis



Space Disclose yourself

Palazzo Ducale di Genova


The Crossroads

Genova Campomorone


The Crossroads

Genova Campomorone


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