Interior design

Project the Sign

Project the Sign combines artisanal wisdom and chemical knowledge and, overcoming technological limits, creates innovative, highly customizable ceramic radiators. Technology applied to craftsmanship, heat applied to art, guarantee that each radiator becomes a quality product that makes every environment unique. Thus the constant search for materials and the innovation of technologies and shapes makes the Project the Sign radiator an object to be displayed as a work of art.

The radiators

Completely made of ceramic, they work with both electric and hydraulic methods. They are made entirely of Thermovit®, a registered ceramic mixture, created and specifically designed by Project the Sign, to resist the high pressures that form inside the object. It is precisely thanks to numerous studies and continuous research that Project the Sign has managed to obtain EN442 certification, through a series of rigorous tests that have ensured that our radiators comply with and satisfy the required manufacturing requirements and standards. Thermovit®, with which we form our radiant elements, is a 1250°C cooking ceramic, composed of many mixed raw materials. Flexural strength reaches excellent levels if the right raw materials are used and the right mullite content is achieved. Mullite is a mineralogical form that is created during cooking at high temperatures, chemically formed mainly from silica (SiO2) and alumina (Al2O3). Project the Sign radiators are rich in aluminum oxide, with a low porosity, less than 0.5%, and for this reason they have high mechanical resistance. Modulus of rupture, flexural strength: 550 kg/cm2.

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